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The Circle has established a reputation for high quality production of not only its own journal, the Welsh Railways Archive, but also for publishing books of value to both the modeller and researcher of railways within Wales.

Our first book, Volume 5 of Michael Hale’s six-volume ‘Steam in South Wales’ series, the first four of which had been published by OPC, appeared in 1996. That was followed by the late Mike Morton Lloyd’s ‘Private Owners on the Cambrian’ in 1998. The ‘Steam in South Wales’ series was completed in 1999 and then John Miles and Tudor Watkins contributed ‘Midland Railway - Swansea Vale & branches’ in 2004. In 2014 ‘Six Railways to Merthyr - The Angus Lewis Photographs’ by John Hodge. Regrettably these are now all out of print but for further details >>

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The Aber branch - Caerphilly to Senghenydd
The late Colin Chapman ’ detailed research of the ‘Aber Branch’ was published in 2002. A detailed examination of this short Rhymney Railway branchline from inception, through initial success to ultimate demise. Built to provide an outlet for the coal mines in the valley, it started to suffer after the closure of the colliery at Senghenydd, which never really recovered from the two pit disasters which struck it.
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Steam in Mid Wales
Steam in Mid Wales by Michael Hale was published in 2004. The seventh volume by Michael Hale to cover Welsh steam, it explores the railways and byways of Mid Wales from the edge of the industrial area in the south to Pwllheli and Wrexham in the north. As in his previous books, many of the lineside structures illustrated lasted for only a short while after being captured on camera. This photographic record, accompanied by informative captions and historical notes, is thus a valuable chronicle of the later years of steam in this part of Wales.
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Welsh Railway Records Volume 1 - Rhymney Railway Drawings
The Rhymney Railway opened in the winter of 1857-58 and this idiosyncratic company was largely reliant upon outside framed saddle tanks during the 19th Century. In the early 20th Century, under the guidance of R- Jenkins and C-T- Hurry Riches, the motive power and rolling stock was transformed, providing the Company with modern stock that survived in some cases to the British Railways era; the last of the powerful Rhymney tank locomotives only finally went to Swindon for cutting up in 1957. This volume, the first in a series of Welsh Railway Records, has at its focal point a series of detailed drawings prepared by the late Mike Morton Lloyd and Trefor Jones of pre-Grouping Welsh rolling stock as it appeared in original condition and after rebuilding by the Great Western Railway. There are thirty-eight drawings for the RR all reproduced here at 7mm scale. These are accompanied by photographs and summary histories.
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Welsh Railway Records Volume 2 - Barry Railway Drawings
This is the second volume in the Welsh Railway Records series, which includes the drawings of Trefor L Jones and Mike Morton Lloyd, with additional drawings by Richard Evans. Livery information comes from ‘Great Western Way’ by kind permission of Cliff Harris and the Historical Model Railway Society.The drawings are reproduced at a consistent 7mm scale, as they were originally drawn, and includes some locomotives as rebuilt by the GWR. They form an invaluable resource not just for modellers but also for historians who wish to learn more about that fascinating period from 1836 to 1922 when Wales had so many of its own railway companies..he introduction has returned to original source material to give a history of the Barry Railway, whilst the Appendices give build, renumbering and withdrawal details of all the locomotives owned by the Company, and details of rolling stock types and their renumbering upon absorption into the GWR in 1922.
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Cambrian Railways Working Time Book
A Working Timetable by any other name – this is a facsimile of the Cambrian Railways Working Time Book of October 3rd, 1921.
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