Welsh Railways Archive

The WRA is the Circle's Journal, published twice a year in May and November. Published on high quality glossy art paper, it provides a means whereby members can formally publish the results of their researches. 

Back Issues of the Journal are available to members please see publications page.

Contributions to the Welsh Railways Archive from members are always welcomed by the Editor.
If you are able to contribute, please contact:

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WRRC offer three types of Cordex binders.

Red, with 13 cords and blocked on the spine for the Circle's magazine, Welsh Railways Archive.
Blue, with 13 cords and WRRC logo blocked at base of spine, of the right size for Archive, Railway Archive and magazines of similar size..
Green, with 13 cords and WRRC logo blocked at base of spine, of the right size for Model Railway Journal, GWR Journal, HMRS Journal and other magazines of similar size.
These will now be available to members by Mail Order as follows;

Single binder, of any of the three types,
  £8.00 post paid
Two binders, any combination,
  £15.00 post paid
Three binders, any combination,
  £23.00 post paid
Four binders, any combination,
  £30.00 post paid
and so on (ever hopeful!!)
Non-members will pay an extra 50p per binder.
At exhibitions and Rhiwderin when the centre is open (events diary), binders will be £7.00 to members
and £7.50 to non-members.
Cheques, payable to Welsh Railways Research Circle, please.

Binders will be posted in purpose-made boxes and orders should be sent to: -

Binder sales: Adrian Gray, 25 The Pound, Syresham, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5HG